FOCUS ON EDUCATION: The Connecticut Chinese Language School (CLSC) Creates A Community In Westchester And Fairfield Counties

INNOVATIVE AND FUN PROGRAMS: The Chinese Language School Teaches Culture To Children And Adults

In May 2002, a group of parents decided to organize a new type of Chinese school for children of every background.

Their vision was to create a school that children looked forward to attending every week--where they could learn practical communication skills, develop a life-long appreciation for the Chinese language and culture, and build lasting friendships with their fellow students.

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut is committed to providing excellence in Chinese language instruction services.

Their mission is to create and offer educational programs that enable learners to discover and develop an appreciation for the evolving richness of the Chinese language and culture.

They seek to serve as a bridge between our students and clients and the larger Chinese learning community by offering their Chinese language and culture program, enrichment programs, tutoring services, homework support, corporate training and consultation services.

Housed at the University of Connecticut, the nonprofit school teaches students about Chinese culture and caters mostly to students whose families come from Chinese-speaking countries, but many non-Chinese students also attend.

The school teaches students about Chinese culture as well as Mandarin, the largest Chinese dialect.

Support 501C (3) Non-Profit comes from tuition, grants and donations from corporations.

Programs include weekday/weekend classes, weekday programs for schools, summer programs, private tutoring, and corporate programs.

For many Chinese in the area, the school is a gathering place where their culture is celebrated and shared, from Lunar New Year to a mid-autumn festival.

The school is special and holds the Chinese community together.…

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut Offers Innovative And Customizable Support Programs Like Learning Pods To Suit Individual Needs.

Chinese Learning Pods is designed for 1 up to 4 students who have a similar age and learning experience. It is always fun to form your own learning pod with the friends or just yourself with the location you prefer, i.e. your home or your friend’s home. Based on the students' learning styles, our teachers create fun and interactive activities to engage students to practice Chinese language and experience Chinese culture with a language immersion environment.

There are eight weeks of each resumable phase. Each week involves one or two or maximum three after-school classes. Students decide the frequency of each week’s class. After each phase students will decide to resume for different learning content. The class length for age group 3 to 5 is 45 minutes while it is one hour for 6-year-olds and above. Our teachers are flexible to accommodate students' learning time.

Tuition: $80 per hour for one-student learning pod; $45 per hour per student for two-student learning pod; $40 per hour per student for three-student learning pod; $35 per hour per student for four-student learning pod.

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut Also Offers An Extensive Tutoring Program For Students Of Mandarin Chinese As A Second Language.

> CLSC is a fully accredited organization, which focuses on the teaching of Mandarin Chinese as a second language.

> Tutoring is performed by highly qualified, native-speaking teachers, all of whom are on staff at CLSC and have received extensive training.

> Tutoring sessions, either individual or groups, can be conducted in your home or office, at our Greenwich office or online.

> The CLSC curriculum can be utilized or an individualized curriculum can be designed to meet your specific language learning objectives.

Specialized tutors are available to assist in preparation for study or work abroad, SAT II or AP coursework/exams.

> Tutoring clients, as a member of the larger CLSC Family, are invited to participate in our Sunday Art & Culture classes as well as any CLSC events.

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Another Popular Off Site Program Is The Year Round Online Courses.

What is it?

It is an online conversational Chinese program for learners to focus on listening and speaking through meaningful and enjoyable activities. Our highly experienced teachers will use different topics of interest to create a language-rich virtual environment for students to immerse and practice their language proficiency skills of spoken Chinese.

Who is it for?

K-12 and adults. Students will be placed in different classes based on their age group and the Chinese learning experience. All levels are welcome!

When is it?

Each session includes eight 45 minutes classes every Saturday for eight weeks. The minimum class size is two students.

Session 1: From Sept. 25 through Nov. 13 at 10:00AM or 11:00 AM (Students choose the time.).

(Topics: Me & My Family & Pets; Age, Grades & Friends; Number, Date & Time Expressions; Color, Season & Fruits)

Session 2: From Dec. 4 through Feb. 26 at 10:00AM. (No class on Dec. 25, Jan. 1, Jan. 15, Feb. 12, and Feb. 19)

(Topics: Weather & Seasons; School Subjects & Locations; Sports & Hobbies; Transportation & Travel)

Session 3: From Mar. 5 through May 14 at 10:00AM. (No class on Apr. 9 and Apr. 16)

(Topics: Clothes & Shopping; Country, People & Holidays; Food & Restaurant; Emoji & Emotions)

What will you get?

Students who finish all three sessions will receive a certificate of completion. Students who are not already enrolled in the Sunday program will have an option to place in the appropriate level to further their language studies.

How much is it?

$270 per session.

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Do You Need Help With Your Chinese homework?

CLSC instructors can assist you with your Chinese homework via convenient, regularly scheduled 30-minute online sessions.

Participants must have a computer with a microphone, high-resolution webcam, and a high-speed internet connection.

Homework Help is designed for students enrolled in Chinese programs either at their local schools or at CLSC.

Registered CLSC families receive discounted rates.

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There Are Also Chinese Language And Culture Classes for Your School

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut is a fully accredited organization, which teaches Mandarin Chinese as a second language using effective, proven methods.

They also provide instruction in the arts and culture of China.

Chinese classes can be conducted Before or after school as an enrichment program.

During school hours as part of the regular school curriculum or at at local community or recreation centers.

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For Adults There Are Corporate Language And Cultural Training Classes

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut is a fully accredited organization which teaches Mandarin Chinese as a second language using effective, proven methods, allowing your employees to acquire practical communication skills and an overall awareness of Chinese culture as it relates to business situations.

Translation and documentation consultation services are also available.

Classes are conducted at your facility and are customized to meet your specific needs.

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Lastly, The Chinese Language School of Connecticut offers community programs featuring the arts and culture of China specifically designed to meet your event(s) needs.…

They welcome your questions and comments.

For more information on language or cultural instruction for groups, please contact them by clicking the link below and filling their our contact form.

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